Dr. Kate Houston

Department of Social Sciences

Texas A&M International University


Texas, 78041


Email: Kate.Houston@tamiu.edu

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Kate Houston, PhD

Here you will find my CV and a list of my recent publications with downloadable PDFs where available. 

Select Published Articles

Vrij, A., Leal, S., Fisher, R., Mann, S., Dalton, G., Jo, E., Shalbotas, A., Khaleeva, M. Granskaya, J., & Houston, K. (2018).  Sketching as a technique to  elicit information and cues to deceit in interpreter-based interviews.  Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition, 7, 303—313.


Houston, K. A., Russano, M. B., & Ricks, E. P. (2017). Any friend of yours is a friend of mine: Investigating the utilization of an interpreter in an investigative interview. Psychology, Crime and Law.


Ewens, S., Vrij, A., Leal, S., Mann, S., Jo, E., & Houston, K. (2017). The effect of interpreters’ seating position on eliciting information and cues to deceit. Psychology, Crime and Law, 23(2), 180-200.


Ewens, S., Vrij, A., Leal, S., Mann, S., Eunkyung, J., Shaboltas, A., Ivanova, M. Granskaya, J., & Houston, K. (2016). Using the model statement to elicit information and cues to deceit from native speakers, non-native speakers and those talking through an interpreter. Applied Cognitive Psychology.


Evans, J. R., Houston, K. A., Meissner, C. M., LaBianca, J. R., Ross, A. B., Woestehoff, S. A. & Kleinman, S. M. (2014). An empirical evaluation of intelligence-gathering interrogation techniques from the United States Army Field Manual. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 28(6), 867-875.



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