Kate Houston, PhD

Dr. Kate Houston

Department Social Sciences

Texas A&M International University


Texas, 78041


Email: Kate.Houston@tamiu.edu

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I have a PhD in Experimental/Cognitive Psychology from the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom.  My Post-doctoral work was conducted in the Investigative Interviewing Laboratory at the University of Texas at El Paso with Dr. Christian Meissner.


My post doctoral research was funded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and investigated best practices for information gathering during suspect and witness interviews.  My PhD research investigated the accuracy and reliability of eyewitness testimony, both in terms of the statement provided to Police and the identification of perpetrators from lineups. My Masters and PhD work at the University of Aberdeen was funded by a 1+3 Open Award from the Economic and Social Research Council.


Further details of both my Masters and PhD research can be found on my Research page.


Research Interests

My research interests cover a range of topics such as factors that may affect the reliability of eyewitness testimony and how psychology can be applied to security and counter-terrorism settings.  Listed below are my main areas of research to date:


¨    Whether the experience of emotions may differentially affect an individual's ability to provide a complete and accurate statement to the Police.


¨    Detecting deception during interviews and interrogations and best practice during interviews.


¨    Eyewitness misidentification and factors which may improve or impair an individual's ability to recognise a face (such as exposure duration and familiarity with the target individual).


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